Raising the Bar: Monterey Financial is the Nation’s Leading Financial Lender, Opening Broker Doors to Possibility, Future , and Unparalleled Industry Solutions

Oceanside, California — (November 16th, 2021): Monterey Financial Services’ core focus is on recovery and performance of the receivables they manage. Yet, they pride themselves on being compassionate professionals who can understand firsthand the financial hardships that the businesses they support face, as do many consumers during this challenging economic time. Monterey works with them all regarding their credit needs with dignity and respect, which explains their ability to maintain an aggregate complaint rate below .01% and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Monterey Financial has spent decades building a reputation as a distinguished leader through their recovery methodologies, with low consumer complaints and respected congruence with regulatory practices.

“So many businesses and consumers have faced financial upheaval this last year and a half,” says Shaun Lucas, President & CEO of Monterey Financial Services. “We’ve seen our role as important to the economy in helping businesses to improve on and accelerate debt recovery while also working with consumers with problem-solving solutions to get their credit back on track.”

For consumers, Monterey provides problem-solving solutions to help consumers get their credit back in line, providing “Hardship” programs, like deferring payments and longer-term payment plans tailored to customers’ individual situations. The utilization of self-service options allows consumers to make payments, seek financial assistance, and manage their accounts in an agentless environment. Consumers want to address their financial obligations, and Monterey helps them take control and fulfill their payments with a plan. Since March of 2020, Monterey has processed over 8,000 individual consumer financial assistance plans.

Compliance at all levels is of the highest priority to Monterey. Knowing collection practices and staying in step with regulatory bodies on the state and federal level has, for the last 30 years, helped Monterey to stand out. The critical importance of this has allowed clients to know that they are in safe and reputable hands, working with a company that has the highest regard for mitigating consumer complaints.

“Compliance is absolutely paramount to being an effective company in our industry,” says John Owens, Executive Vice President at Monterey. “The compliance and regulatory landscape is always evolving, and it remains a core task of ours to stay up to date and ahead of potential changes. As such, our Compliance Committee meets regularly to review State and Federal regulations, upcoming changes, trends, amongst other items. Additionally, we utilize several outside sources and counsel to provide additional guidance on upcoming regulatory changes. Companies who work with us want to be confident in our ability to not only maximize the performance of their finance program but to ensure there is no additional legal exposure or brand risk for them. ”

Many industries have seen extensive challenges over the years. Monterey’s proven ability to ensure compliance standards and recovery on their client portfolios helps to provide critical top-line revenue to ensure continued success. In all, Monterey has been proud to say they have provided a bridge, working with consumers and companies to find debt collection practices that show empathy and understanding for all sides.

Monterey Financial Services is a trusted leader for loan servicing, delinquent debt recovery, and consumer financing, with over thirty years of service. Contact Monterey for inquiries call 1–800–456–2225.

About Monterey Financial Services

Monterey’s mission statement: To empower every business with the ability to optimize their sales growth and cash recovery. Monterey Financial Services has forged a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailor-made capital solutions for businesses selling products and services to consumers. Solutions are built to fit clients’ requirements, whether they bundle Monterey services together or use what appeals to their specific needs. With services such as consumer finance, rent-to-own financing, loan servicing, custodial services, and delinquent debt collections, clients have the opportunity to profit from consumer receivables of all credit classifications and all stages of the receivables life cycle. With industry-leading results, Monterey remains committed to combining the best technology with its talented staff to achieve a primary objective for its clients to optimize portfolio performance. For further information, please visit the company’s website at https://www.montereyfinancial.com



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