One Child Dies Every Five Days from Choking in the US; The LifeVac Airway Clearance Device Has Saved the 100th Child and 210 People to Date

November is Child Safety and Protection Month, the perfect time to highlight that parents can take action and easily prepare for a dreaded choking episode

NESCONSET, NY — (Nov 22nd, 2021): The purpose of Child and Safety Protection Month is to create awareness about the potential dangers children face every day, and choking is one of them. The statistics for kids and choking are alarming, and sadly, abdominal thrusts works in only approximately 50–70% of all choking cases. LifeVac has been on a mission to save as many lives from choking as possible throughout the world and has saved 210 lives to date, 100 of them children. Inside Edition recently ran a story of a baby who’s life was saved when choking on a piece of pancake at a restaurant, the video can be viewed here. The Mother’s Testimonials at attest to the ease of using the device, making lifesaving fast and easy for just about anyone.

“LifeVac came to fruition because, in 2011, I was told the tragic story of a 7-year-old child who recently had lost his life after choking on a grape, and abdominal thrusts didn’t work. It seemed so senseless and preventable, and my mind started working overtime to come up with a solution,” says Arthur Lih, inventor of LifeVac. “Our goal was to bring the safest, simplest method to save an aspirating person. Every life saved with LifeVac is a celebration and to know we can bring peace to the minds of parents is just invaluable.”

Children face a much higher chance of choking than a typical adult for various reasons. Without the cognitive risk-preventing processes that adults have, small children put just about anything in their mouth, and kids up to even five will put too large of a bite of food in their mouth or run around while eating. In addition, their airways are very small, so even adults can be surprised by what can be a choking hazard. Essential steps for a safe environment for young children are childproofing a house, preparing food properly, and considering the LifeVac airway clearance device.

The LiveVac airway clearance device saved the 100th child this month, November 2021. The 100th child saved was a 3-year-old little girl who had choked on mucus which obstructed her airway. In her mother’s words, “She’s been under the weather and has had some congestion but she’s been getting better. This morning some phlegm got stuck in her throat and it clogged her airways which made her pass out in my husband’s arms. Mouth to mouth didn’t work because of the obstruction so he got this (which we keep in the kitchen.) After one pump, her airways were cleared and she was revived.” Thankfully, the family chose to purchase a LifeVac after seeing an Instagram post.

In addition, these three children were saved by LifeVac in October 2021:

● 2-year-old girl who choked on a piece of sausage. Her mother attempted choking rescue procedures but was not successful. LifeVac was used, and on the first application, the sausage was dislodged, enabling the child to breathe again.

● A child was choking on vomit and could not breathe. LifeVac was used right away. His mother stated, “LifeVac helped him to stop choking on his vomit and prevented aspiration. It saved his life.”

● A 6-year-old boy who choked on a piece of a round lollipop (sucker candy), causing a total blockage of his airway. LifeVac was used and on the second Place, Push, Pull motion, the LifeVac dislodged the candy. The child was taken to the hospital for x-rays and released after receiving a clean bill of health. The mom said, “Item was dislodged. My son could breathe again. LifeVac should be in every school. I am blessed that my son is alive and healthy due to having the LifeVac in my home.”

LifeVac is very simple to use: PLACE. PUSH. PULL.

● Place the LifeVac device over the mouth and nose to create a seal.

● Push downward: The one-way valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed.

● Then simply pull to create a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object in seconds.

● It can save a life in seconds. Watch the video and share it with friends to help save lives:

LifeVac saves lives for people of all ages — and is small and easily transportable, even in a purse or a backpack. It is being used by First Responders, Elder Care Givers, and those caring for people with disabilities for whom standard choking protocol does not apply. In addition, LifeVac is dedicated to reducing aspiration emergencies in schools.

LifeVac can be trusted as well. FDA registered, Clinical studies, and 3rd party testing confirm LifeVac to be highly effective and 100% safe to use during a choking emergency. LifeVac has received widespread media attention and has been published and recognized in several leading medical journals, four of which are peer-reviewed. The LifeVac Home Kit is $69.95 and comes with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. LifeVac also sells a LifeVac Travel Kit, a LifeVac School Kit, and LifeVac EMS Kit, and a LifeVac Home & Travel Kit Bundle. Get yours today at

About LifeVac:

LifeVac is a patented, FDA registered lifesaving device designed to offer the simplest, safest method of aspirating a choking child or adult. Founder and CEO Arthur Lih created the apparatus in 2011 to increase the chances of survival rates in a choking emergency and has successfully saved 210 lives and counting. One LifeVac kit covers adults and children (from 22 pounds), never expires, and includes a free replacement when used in a choking emergency. The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, single-use only airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with airway obstruction. The Home kit comes fully equipped with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. Purchase your Home Kit ($69.95) and Travel Kit ($69.95 or $49 with Home Kit purchase, Home and Travel Kit bundle ($118.95) at, and watch the product demonstration videos or attend a FREE online how-to training, so you are prepared in an emergency. Spread the word on Instagram @Life_Vac to help save lives.



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