Chantelle Cook
2 min readOct 20, 2021


Nupeutics Health Helps Consumers Reach their Health, Beauty, and Wellness Goals with a Commitment to Natural, Science-Backed Products

October is Non-GMO Month, and Nupuetics Health’s non-GMO supplements feature premium natural ingredients, each meticulously tested and controlled to guarantee the quality, potency, and safety

San Diego, California — Nupeutics believes optimal wellness comes from the power of all-natural, organic ingredients. In this world with increased stress levels, leading many to greater inflammation, sickness, and disease, Nupeutics doctor-developed wellness blends are helping many take back their health, feel their best, and meet their personalized nutrition needs and goals. Part of that is the pledge to be non-GMO, which means their wildcrafted supplements are made without ingredients derived from potentially harmful genetically engineered plants. Every product contains science-backed ingredients to address specific wellness needs, relying on Nupeutic’s experience in preventative holistic health; and good health begins with plant-based nutrition and natural preventive care.

“Non-GMO month is important to alert the consumer to what this means. At Nupeutics, we believe that it’s integral that what we put in our bodies is the natural source of pure and potent ingredients that consumers can trust,” says Munzer Sundos, Ph.D. and Founder of Nupeutics Health. “We lead by our tenet that powerful, plant-based nutrition can improve your health and your life.”

GMOs, which stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, are plants, animals, microorganisms, and other ingredients that scientists have manipulated to assist in their production, preparation, or use as food. This genetic engineering is for many different reasons: to produce foods with greater taste, drought resistance, or cheaper produce, among others. Consumers continue to be concerned about both the food safety and the nutritional equivalence of GMO foods. Many think that GMOs can have harmful effects on the human body, such as the belief that consuming these genetically engineered foods can cause reduction in our immune system and its ability to fight iseases.

Nupeutics Health products are allsourced and made in the United States. The all-natural blends address various health needs, including Hormone Health, Detox, and Gut Health, Immunity, Brainpower, and Inflammation, each with responsibly sourced ingredients and founded in functional medicine. Nupeutics Products will be back in stock in the 3rd week of October and available at

About Nupeutics Health:

Founded and developed by nutrition and functional ingredient expert Dr. Munzer Sundos, along with a skilled team of top nutritionists, holistic healers, and integrative health specialists, Nupeutics Health is on a mission to help customers experience optimal health and wellbeing through natural products, personalized services, and cutting-edge educational resources. Offering a complete collection of all-natural wellness blends backed by functional medicine science and formulated with pure, potent ingredients, customers can trust Nupeutics Health to provide powerful nutrition that can improve their quality of life and help them feel and perform at their best. Learn more at and follow @nupeuticshealth on Instagram to get expert tips for living your healthiest life.