Carpinteria Orchid Grower, Has A New Record Breaking Figure With Week Long Fundraiser

Westerlay Orchids pledged 100% of weekly showroom sales to local Carpinteria Education Foundation, to help local children

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (October 31st, 2021): Carrying on a rich tradition of community outreach and support, Westerlay Orchids announced for the fourth year in a row their week-long Carpinteria Education Foundation Inc. (CEF) fundraiser -– Surpassing last year’s figure by raising $35,619.40 for our local students! Owner/ President Toine Overgaag who believes the company’s responsibility to the community does not start and stop at the greenhouse door “We would not be where we are today without a strong local network behind us. This community’s success is our success — we both grow and thrive when we work together — and CEF is doing a great deal to ensure that Carpinteria’s next generation gets the support and resources they need.”

“Thanks to so many, our community has raised over $35,619.40 dollars to support local students, this was well over our goal. 100 % of the proceeds will be funding essential programs for Carpinteria families through CEF.” Announced Overgaag, Founder of Westerlay Orchids. “I’m beyond grateful to be able to support education in any way we can.”

The family-owned business — best known for producing some of the finest flowers on the Pacific Coast — pledged a full 100% of retail shop proceeds to help support local non-profit from October 17th through October 23rd, 2021 The team at Westerlay Orchids continues a commitment to serve the needs of the community and in this case, the needs are resources, such as reliable WIFI, hotspots and devices for online learning. In September of 2020, Westerlay raised over $23,819 for CEF and this year, raising over $35,619.40!

For more than 26 years, CEF has remained dedicated to the academic success of Carpinteria and Summerland students. The non-profit partners with local schools to provide scholarship opportunities and other essential resources to the city’s youth. CEF also helps shape Santa Barbara’s future by offering students skill-building in such areas as science and technology, language arts, humanities, culinary arts, and agriculture.

About Westerlay Orchids:

Based in beautiful Carpinteria, California, Westerlay Orchids is proud to serve as Southern California’s largest commercial orchid grower. The company annually distributes over 4 million orchids directly to customers and to local and national supermarket chains, as well as florists and designers. Westerlay Orchids has been a pioneer in environmental and sustainability practices and regularly contributes to local schools, nonprofit organizations, and many other community causes. Visit to learn more about the company.




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